Welcome to Report Unsafe Housing

The ASVA student union believes that every student deserves a safe home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. All too often, we hear stories of students who don’t feel safe in their own house. Burglaries, assaults, strangers wandering around student houses and poorly lit streets are often heard complaints. The ASVA student union believes it’s important that these issues are taken seriously by landlords, the city council and the police. To prove that these problems aren’t just occasional but structural, ASVA opened a hotline; the Studentenmeldpunt Onveilig Wonen. Do you feel unsafe in your home? Report it here.

All the reports we receive will be handled with care and anonymity. It is possible to anonymously report an instance. In case of a legal offence, always contact the police.


The ASVA student union is the union for every student in Amsterdam. We’re committed to improving the lifes of students, for example student housing and education. Do you want to know more about ASVA or this hotline? Go to www.asva.nl, e-mail info@asva.nl or call 06 41 78 60 89.

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