Welcome to Report Unsafe Housing

The ASVA Student Union believes that every student deserves to feel safe at home. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. All too often, we hear stories of students who don’t feel safe in their own home. Burglaries, assaults, strangers wandering around  and poorly-lit streets are often heard complaints.

The ASVA Student Union believes it’s important that these issues are taken seriously by landlords, the municipality and the police. To be able to respond properly and take these issues seriously, we have launched this website where you can report unsafe housing.

All reports we receive will be handled with the utmost care. If you wish, you can report an incident anonymously. Then we will discuss with involved parties such as your landlord and the police to see how we can prevent these incidents in the future.

However, if you fill in your name and contact details, we can also keep you updated about what we do with your report, and we might be able to offer you support if you wish. You may also think with us about possible solutions.


In case of a criminal offence, please also contact the police to report it.


The ASVA Student Union is the union for every student in Amsterdam. We’re committed to improving the lives of students, for example student housing and education. Do you want to know more about ASVA or this hotline? Go to www.asva.nl, e-mail studentenbalie@asva.nl or call +31 6 39625931.

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